For Her

The video installation For Her addresses the issue of the induced unbalanced birth sex ratio. In the video, the Chinese characters for woman [女] and people/men [人] , as well as other characters in which these function as radicals, are used to form moving ultrasound images of babies. Visitors witness the loss of baby girls from the fading of the characters with women radicals. Chinese words with 女 radicals hang from above, and red and blue test tubes show patterns representing the chromosomes X and Y.

Dream of Happiness

The interactive installation Dream of Happiness addresses the issue of socially-constructed happiness. Vistors are forced to smile by the computer through playing the game of changing all emotions yellow, which is representing happiness. After the reinforcement, vistors are given a chance to have their facial expression being taken, with analysis of emotion components returned.

Voice of Void

The video installation Voice of Void attempts to visualize the limitation of speech by setting up a platform for voice reception and emission to problematize the mechanisms of social media as an echo chamber. The video details an installation featuring a fictional machine where the vacuum in the glass jar makes the voice produced in one room become lower and lower in the other until it is eventually silenced.


In dialogue with new media artists

Tamas Waliczky

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Lu Shan

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Max Hattler

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Eugenia Kim

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Lin Xin

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